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Dr. Marshall is one of only 2 physicians in Kansas recommended by the American Association of Pro-Life Physicians and Gynecologists.  


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Kara Neidig

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Dr. Marshall, discovered the baby only had half a heart. We had to go see specialists in bigger cities to learn more about the baby’s condition. Although those other practices recommended ending the pregnancy with an abortion, not one single time did Dr. Roger Marshall ever mention ending the pregnancy or suggest abortion was even an option we should consider.

He instead helped us get us to the right place to get the care my baby needed to live. I now support Dr. Marshall for Congress because I trust him whole-heartedly. I know he would never ever give up a fight for any of my babies’ lives.  He never gave up on our son’s life. And he was the first stepping-stone of many that lead to our baby boy turning two today.

I can't count on my fingers how many times parents who have unborn babies with the same condition as Landon told me they were guided to consider abortion. I always suggest second and third opinions, message them our cardiac team and OBYGN’s info, send pictures of Landon, and strongly encourage them to keep their child. It takes a certain God-made group of people to help these parents fight for the lives of their babies. Dr. Marshall, his office, and entire staff were those people from day one.


Chris Haselhorst

12 years ago, before politics were even on his mind, I was in the middle of a miscarriage. After the ultrasound, it was discovered that the baby's heart was still beating.

I'll never forget what Dr. Marshall said to me: "I will not take a living baby."

The baby died a few days later in-utero, but I was forever grateful for him for not performing what would have essentially been an abortion. With a previous pregnancy, the other provider I was working with did not gave the same courtesy (abortion was the first thing she offered me, and I was furious). Dr. Marshall is pro-life, and to say otherwise is ignorant and completely untrue.


Mary Rooney, R.N.

It has been my joy and passion for the past 30 years to assist families in giving birth, and in working throught the tasks of forming a new family unit.  For 25 of those years, I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Marshall.  Never in my career at both hospitals in our area has Dr. Marshall asked me to assist, or have I witnessed any procedures that would cause the termination of an unborn child.

With the support and commitment of Dr. Marshall, my biggest professional accomplishment was implementing a perinatal loss support network for families. This group is comprised of nurses, doctors, pastoral care and morticians. The group provides a foundation for closure with the death of a child, and the knowlege that we helped them share in their baby's life, however brief.

Every life is special and unique.


Amy Richardson

I saw a commercial spreading lies about Dr. Marshall. This makes me so mad. I am a firm believer that without him, we would not have our 2 healthy boys. During my 1st delivery, there was an emergency and the baby (my son, Conner) and myself both quit breathing. We almost lost Conner, but this man saved us both. 

I believe Dr. Marshall is also the only reason we have our second son, Colten, living right now, because of the way he saved my life again when I had 2 ectopic pregnancies between my sons. I know he is the reason I was able to get pregnant with Colten.

He has saved so many babies and moms, blessed so many parents with children that otherwise would not have them, that to go on TV and say lies about him just to win an election is a horrible thing to do, especially to all the women and children he has cared for and saved.

Conner is now a pre-med student at Friends University, and Colten is a junior at Valley Center High School.  


Jacquie Disque, R.N.

"I have known Dr. Roger Marshall for ten years as we both worked at two different hospitals in Great Bend, both of which were and are 110% pro life.

I have worked as a nurse as he cared for thousands of patients during that time. I have always been impressed by his ability to listen, to truly hear what his patients are saying. In the OB business, there are good days, and once in awhile a bad day is thrown in. Dr. Marshall provided care for the patients who were advised by other physicians to end their pregnancy due to a known issue with the baby. Dr. Marshall provided support during these very challenging pregnancies. He sees them through to the end, providing guidance and reassurances all the way through the pregnancy and delivery.

As an OB nurse who has worked with Dr. Marshall all these years at two Pro-Life ONLY hospitals, I have learned that, based upon his actions and words, his support and help with many adoptions, as well as his work with Catholic Social Services, he is truly living out being pro-life."


Roberta Guthrie, LPN

"I have worked as a nurse with Dr. Marshall for 23 years; it has been rewarding in the number of women and babies we have helped. His faith has guided the morals of our office, and he has always been pro-life. I've seen him go above and beyond to protect women and their unborn children in so many different situations. His strong sense of right and wrong have helped him make hard decisions that gave good outcomes.

It upsets me that his opponent has attacked him with so many twisted 'stories' and untruths. When I tried to respond to his accusations on his Facebook page with truth, my posts were deleted 3 times, and then I was blocked from posting anything at all! Dr. Marshall is an honorable man with good moral character, and will listen to all sides to make the most informed and best decisions for Kansas."

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