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The most important issue in health care is the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. When government gets involved, prices increase and quality of care decreases. By interfering with the free market, government creates distortions that have led to more government intervention. Obamacare, or the so-called Affordable Care Act, is neither affordable nor caring – it must be repealed and replaced. Instead of health care costs decreasing and access growing, we have seen the reverse: it is more expensive, less accessible, and less effective. Too many providers are now struggling to keep their doors open and Kansans are struggling to pay the higher cost of insurance. Dr. Marshall is committed to using his extensive medical background to repeal Obamacare and will fight to return health care to a system that is controlled by families, patients, and doctors - not Washington D.C. 

“As a physician, I have seen firsthand the negative consequences of Barack Obama’s health care efforts. The Affordable Care Act is the most egregious example of government interfering in the delivery of health care. This not only harms business, but directly interferes with the doctor-patient relationship. For health care delivery to thrive in America and rural Kansas, we must undo this mistake.”— Roger Marshall, M.D.


The best way to encourage job creation is to get government out of the way and allow the entrepreneurial spirit to prosper. Too often, businesses growth is stymied by complex regulations with ever changing interpretations and laws which are passed though they were never read in their entirety. Too often, the hands of business leaders are tied and stagnation, rather than growth, incentivized. Roger Marshall believes we must not obligate employers with burdens such as the Affordable Care Act. We must maintain a free market for American products and promote the export of our homegrown commodities. We need a tax structure that does not punish success but instead encourages investment on American soil.

“My personal experiences in health care, agriculture, and banking have proven that we have too much regulation. Our job as leaders is to make the complicated simple, not complicate the simple. America was once the pre-eminent place in the world to launch a business. By getting Washington out of our way, I think we can be that place again.”— Roger Marshall


Roger Marshall is staunchly pro-life and will oppose any efforts to ever use taxpayer funding for abortions. READ PATIENT TESTIMONIES HERE.

As a physician who has delivered over 5,000 babies in Kansas over the last 25 years, Dr. Marshall sees human life at it's most vulnerable state every day: in the womb of the mother. I believe that life begins at conception.

During residency training, Dr. Marshall specifically chose a program that did not teach or perform abortions. Upon completing residency, he purposefully chose to work in hospitals that do not perform these awful procedures. He stands for life everyday, and will stand for life in Congress. No matter what.

“I have committed my professional life to bringing life into this world and I know a child is a living creation of God prior to what we recognize as birth. I encourage those who advocate for so-called “choice” to visit my office and to talk to the many brave women who have brought joy into this world even through the most difficult circumstances.”— Roger Marshall


The most basic role of government is to defend Americans and to never encroach on citizens’ right to also defend themselves. Dr. Marshall will make sure that your 2nd Amendment rights are never infringed upon. We must ensure that Ft. Riley and our other military installations are fully funded. 

Protecting Americans includes spending the resources necessary to secure our southern border. Radical Islam will stop at nothing and will exploit any weakness they see. We must be certain the young men and women serving us have the tools and training they need to be successful and the confidence that America will never renege on the promises made to them when they become veterans. Roger Marshall believes in Reagan’s “Peace through Strength” approach and is opposed to military actions without a clear, obtainable objective.

“We must get our federal government back to its core functions – chief among them is our national defense. America is the world’s pre-eminent superpower, but we cannot be the world’s policeman. However, when American lives or interests are in danger, our enemies should know we will act swiftly and decisively.“ — Roger Marshall


Agriculture is the life blood of Kansas and we Kansans know our land better than federal bureaucrats. Puddles are puddles – they are not wetlands. Ditches are ditches – they are not navigable streams. Lesser Prairie Chickens are great birds, but the economic consequences of federally listing them as “threatened” are totally unjustified. Farm dust does settle and is not a visibility or clean-air issue to be controlled by unelected Washington bureaucrats. Dr. Roger Marshall will be a strong advocate for states’ rights. Stopping federal overreach – most notably through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – is among the top concerns. Dr. Marshall wants to be a part of shrinking both the size and the reach of the federal government while protecting crop insurance and our farming economy.

“From my 5th generation agriculture background, as a Kansas Wildlife Commissioner, and as a physician, I have seen first hand how ridiculous federal laws and regulations negatively affects farmers, the energy industry, and our rural communities. The simple fact is nobody cares more about the land and the environment then the Kansas farmer. Instead of allowing bureaucrats to dictate policy, Congress needs to protect farmers, fishermen, hunters and those generating energy from an unruly Environmental Protection Agency.”— Roger Marshall


Career politicians in Washington and Topeka are out-of-touch. Too many these politicians have motivations other than representing the people and act as though Washington DC insiders, special interest groups and TV cameras are the only things that matter in their decision-making process. This has created apathy and low voter turnout. This must be rectified.

For America to again thrive, we have to restore faith in our system of government. This has to start with each Representative. Not only is Dr. Marshall committed to Kansas conservative values, but he is committed to being a leader who will listen to those who elect him. This does not mean Dr. Marshall will agree with everyone, but it does mean he will engage voters and actually listen to our concerns and won’t be beholden to those special interests handing out indexes and scorecards.

“You can’t successfully deliver more than 5,000 babies and not listen to people. Listening is the most important part of my job. Nobody will agree with me 100% of the time, but you should know I’ll listen and factor your thoughts and concerns into all decisions. My door will always be open.”— Roger Marshall

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